Decal Application | A Simple Guide

Decal Application | A Simple Guide

A decal, label or wall sticker can be the perfect thing to add some personality to your belongings or a space in  your home. Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth application process:

In this guide we will use our "Enchanted Door" stickers but the steps can be used for decals applied to any surface.

STEP 1.  Clean the surface with an alcohol spray/ hand gel to remove any oils.

STEP 2. Remove the carrier sheet carefully, the decal should be adhered to the see through tape.

STEP 3. Once the area is dry, line up the decal where you want to apply it. Try to avoid the decal touching the item until it is ready to place.

STEP 4. Apply the decal in the desired location, smoothing it over with your hand to ensure flat adhesion. Once placed, rub over with a sturdy object such as a credit card or ruler, pressing down firmly.

STEP 5. Remove clear film slowly, holding down the decal with your finger if needed.

STEP 6. (OPTIONAL) Heat with a hair dryer for a few seconds to ensure maximum adherence.

STEP 7.  Leave to fully adhere for 72 hours before use.

STEP 8.  Enjoy your new product.

We also have these steps on a TikTok so you can save and refer to it later, VIEW HERE.

With these simple steps, you can easily apply decals to personalize your belongings and add a touch of creativity to your life. Have fun decorating!

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